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Our Mission

XpandU's mission is to give students a place to go where they can meet more millennials! Our belief is that the more people you know, the more empowered you become. Whether it be friends, classmates, or acquaintances, these relationships can all provide immense value to you not only now, but for the rest of your lives! It's time to unlock your campus!

What is XpandU?

XpandU is a mobile platform meant to bring people together! Our goal is to create an environment where you can meet more students and build a bigger network! At the end of the day, if our users are happy with the environment we provide, where students can immerse in discussion about relevant ideas, and create many new relationships, we've done our job!

How does the app work?

Users engage in their own conversations with real people through FaceTime. Talk with others about things you care about! Meet new people, build a bigger network, and most importantly, have fun! Every time you guys use XpandU it should be a positive experience, and if not we'd like to hear!

What is our mantra?

"Get Connected!" This is the mantra we continue to stay focused on. The mantra clearly represents how we want our users to act when they engage with our product, that they are connecting with more students! By opening yourself up to new people and discussing things you care about, we hope users are able to build way more relationships!

How do we get in contact if we experience any issues?

We hope to hear feedback no matter the issue, but please feel free to reach us anytime at!